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Littoral helps many companies automate their prospecting process, communicate with their customers through quality automation and eliminate monotonous and recurring tasks. Be more efficient, increase your sales and grow your business !

We help our clients focus on the part of their business that pays.

WHY USE marketing automation ?


Follow-ups are essentials

Numbers don’t lie. In sales, to be successful, you need to follow up on your email communications. Why not automate these and focus on opportunity management instead ? The Littoral team knows marketing automation well and has helped many companies implement solutions adapted to their needs.


Simple actions

Did you know that many companies have increased their online sales by 15% per year solely by implementing a simple marketing automation process, such as sending an email to customers who leave their shopping cart filled without reaching the “Send Checkout” step… The term “Marketing Automation” may sound intimidating, but it more often than not consists of simple actions that pay off enormously.


Sales & marketing synergy

We hear too often that sales and marketing departments work in silos. Wouldn’t it be better if they worked as if in a “boat” instead where everybody rowed in the same direction ? Automated marketing allows you to “connect” your departments and bring up quality opportunities.


Eliminate recurring tasks

Eliminate recurring tasks that don’t add value to your business. Marketing automation allows you to spend more time on the most important tasks and to do better prospecting, better follow-ups and more sales !


Better customer service

Customers are often hard to find, but easy to lose. With marketing automation you can respond to your customers 24/7. Improve your retention rate and avoid losing customers to your competitors.


Employee retention

Today’s labour problems are making it difficult for business leaders to grow their company. Imagine if you would that an employee may concentrate their efforts only on stimulating challenges that get true results without having to waste time on monotonous and recurring tasks. Would this employee be tempted to invest more years into your company ? To ask the question is to answer it…


To sell your services and products, automated marketing offers only advantages !

Many SMEs and large companies are slow to take the plunge, fearing that it is an expensive process and too complicated to implement. Think again !

There are very reasonably priced (and occasionally even free !) tools and methods that can help you get to grips with automated marketing. Yes, you can set up a very complex process (which will undoubtedly pay dividends), but Littoral advocates a “step-by-step” approach that allows you to create a realistic action plan and have a clear vision of the next steps to take. It is important to be well advised and to choose adapted solutions that will meet your needs for a long time. 


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Littoral assists and supports companies with their prospecting and business development efforts.