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Why marketing automation is important

Do you feel like you’re working in a silo, wasting money on multiple marketing measures without seeing a return on your investment (ROI)? Marketing automation will help get a clearer picture!

B2B (business to business) purchasing habits have changed significantly in recent years and have begun to resemble B2C (business to customer). Purchasing managers, for instance, look up information and reviews online, to learn about new products… they research the best suppliers. They will want to speak to a sales manager only once their decision has already been made (and we hope it will be you!) 

Because sales departments are now involved later in the B2B buying process, marketing teams need to be involved earlier. You have to keep your clients and potential customers interested, with educational content, and develop a relationship with your leads and customers (lead nurturing) until they are ready to contact your sales team and take action. 

Marketing automation allows you to follow (tracking) your new leads and your customers, which is quite challenging, even impossible, with traditional marketing. You can now run a multi-step email automation campaign, get open rates, track responses, find out if your customer has been on your website, find out how long they visited a page, send them back additional information about the product or service from that specific page, etc. 

The possibilities are endless, and so are the results.


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93%of buying decisions start with online research, when it comes to B2B