Best Linkedin Lead Generation Services

We help companies generate qualified leads through automated and customized tools on the LinkedIn platform.

Commercial prospecting on LinkedIn

To secure continued growth, your business needs to be consistently seeking out new leads. You must put time into your prospecting and inbound marketing. We can help you quickly achieve success.

Through conversations with potential customers... every day!

That’s what we help you do at Littoral! We manage your LinkedIn profile and help you initiate a dialogue and make appointments with your target customers, using powerful tools.

LinkedIn profile optimization

Hundreds of decision makers and future customers will see your profile as a result of our prospecting campaigns. Having an optimized profile, with clear and relevant information about you and your business, is essential if you want to make a good impression. We support you throughout this process.

Writing messages for a LinkedIn campaign

Before sending out connection requests to hundreds of potential customers, it’s important to work on copywriting for your messages. This is a critical process that will increase your odds of getting responses and being able to initiate quality interactions with your future customers.

Best Linkedin Lead Generation Services - Prospection Linkedin

We connect with your potential customers every day

We will send a series of 2-4 customized messages, to hundreds of target customers every week. In these messages we establish the first contact, we highlight the added value that your company has to offer and qualify the lead in order to generate a quality call or appointment. Our Best Linkedin Lead Generation Services will prove very useful for you.


Grow your audience

Hundreds of new LinkedIn contacts will be added to your Linkedin profile every month. Now, you will be more visible and your posts will reach a lot more people.

Knock on the right doors

Outbound marketing allows you to reach your potential customers and initiate relevant business conversations. Stop waiting for them to come to you, take charge and increase your odds of success.

Traffic and overlapping strategies

Traffic on your LinkedIn profile will increase by up to 1500% during a Linkedin Lead Generation campaign! Plus, many leads will go to your website and your other platforms out of interest and curiosity. Quality traffic is what you are looking for, right? You won’t be disappointed!