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We help companies develop and run automated email campaigns.

We offer best email outreach services and help companies to develop and run their automated email campaigns. Our open and response rates are the best in the industry. Our own business model began with email marketing. This allowed us to get in touch with thousands of companies around the world, to interact with decision makers (key positions), to find opportunities and to increase sales. This is why we are in the best position to tell you about it. We use this system every day for ourselves and for our customers. What are you waiting for?

Email copywriting and scenarios

The art of email marketing is about more than just pressing the send button. Copywriting is extremely important and complex. We all receive email solicitations on a daily basis. It’s important to follow certain rules to get results.

Automated and customized messaging

Every day, we will send dozens of personalized and automated emails to potential customers. Follow-ups are also sent after a few days if people don’t respond. Our response rates are excellent and your leads are QUALIFIED!

Lead and opportunity management

Thousands of emails will be sent after our campaigns and a wealth of new opportunities await you. It’s important to keep everything, so that you can improve your marketing and sales funnel. This is why we help you archive your campaigns inside a simple and intuitive CRM.

campagnes emails automatisées


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