Littoral helps companies structure their customer data to be more efficient and get better results. You will be able to better identify, understand and assist your customers. No more lost opportunities due to lack of rigor ! No serious business can do without a CRM now, that’s a fact. Automate your actions and connect them to your CRM so you can finally free yourself from mundane daily tasks and put your time and efforts into actions that truly benefit your business !

We help our customers better manage their data via CRM tools.

WHY USE A crm ?


Customer interactions supervision

One of the fundamental benefits of having a CRM solution is being able to archive your customer information in an accessible location, share it among team members and keep the history up to date. Information about a contact or a company, archived or upcoming meetings, to-do’s and internal notes allow your sales department to be more efficient.


Better decision-making

Real-time reports allow you to perform in-depth analysis and inform your decision-making. Your dashboard gives you a multitude of general or individual information, and allows you to quickly evaluate the actions that need to be taken as well as your team’s work performance.


More effective time management

CRMs make you to save time, a lot of time… You can keep your pipeline of opportunities up to date, create follow-up tasks, create automated follow-ups, create a sales itinerary with the geographical data of your customers, synchronize your agenda meetings in real time and much more!


Better prediction making

A CRM gives you information on your sales cycles, your customer habits and a quick and accurate measurement of performance in relation to your objectives. It allows you to forecast your marketing budgets, predict your sales for the coming quarter, plan your resources, etc.


Access from anywhere at any time

Your sales team can have access to information on a customer at any time. It can be very useful before an appointment, for example, to consult information on a customer such as purchase history, last exchange, etc. It is also possible to enter a new lead, create a follow-up task or share notes in real time with team members from a simple mobile application.


Increased sales

A CRM allows your sales team to spend more time on the tasks that truly pay off and close deals more quickly. Your sales people can identify priority opportunities faster and adjust their actions accordingly. A CRM allows you to plan important tasks and keep up to date so that you stay on top of things and don’t let an opportunity fall into the hands of a competitor!


Littoral assists and supports companies with their prospecting and business development efforts.