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WHY USE Our CRM Solutions?

Why use a CRM ?

Track customer interaction

One of the fundamental benefits of having a CRM is being able to archive information about your customers in one, single place and being able to share it among team members. Plus, you can keep this history up-to-date. Information about a contact or a company, archived or upcoming meetings, tasks be completed and internal memos, allow your sales department to be more efficient.

Improve decision-making

Real time reports allow you to make in-depth analyses and better inform your decision-making process. Your dashboard offers you a wealth of general or individual information and allows you to quickly assess your team’s work and actions that need to be planned.

Manage your time efficiently

A CRM saves you time, so much time… You can keep your opportunity pipeline up-to-date, create follow-up tasks, automate follow-ups, create a business trip based on your clients’ geographic data, synchronize your meetings in real time in your calendar and so much more!  

Make predictions

A CRM can provide information about your sales cycles, your customers’ habits, plus quick and precise measurements of your results as compared to your objectives. This allows you to plan your marketing budgets, make sales projections for the coming quarter, organize your resources ahead of time, etc.

Get access from anywhere, anytime

Your sales team can access customer information at all times. This can come in handy before an appointment, for instance, to review information about a customer, such as purchase history, the last interaction, etc. Other features include entering a new lead, creating a follow-up task or sharing notes in real time with team members, from a simple mobile app.

Increase your sales

A CRM will allow your sales team to spend more time on lucrative tasks and close deals more quickly. Your salespeople can more efficiently single out opportunities that should be made a priority, then adjust their actions accordingly. A CRM allows you to plan important tasks and to stay informed so that nothing gets forgotten and no opportunity falls into your competitor’s hands!